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Photography has been my longest passion. I love capturing a moment in life, with the intention of making it a perpetual memory that would transcend decades and generations to come.

Throughout the years and experience in life, I have come to the conclusion that love and passion are the strongest forces that move the world.

I have many loves in life, I love God and every representation of His love through nature.

I am a father, and that moment when I saw both of my children for the first time will never be erased of my mind.

Many of you already know the passion I am talking about, and for the ones of you that are getting to know me, trust me, you will get it very soon!!

I have been blessed beyond imagination that words cannot contain the magnitude of the concept I am trying to convey in this lines.

Whatever it is, whatever activity you have in life…enjoy it to the maximum!

If it is a wedding, the welcoming of a new member in your family, a social gathering, or family time....“ENJOY”.... and let me help you capture that moment in life!!